Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Step Your Way to Health

Sometimes the road to health can seem overwhelming.  You see these fit people and think they are freaks of nature, or just lucky somehow to be gifted with time to exercise or eat right.

Well I am here to tell you that the road is a little bumpy, but you too can one day be one of those people that others look to and wonder how you find the time.

The secret to success is to simply move in that direction, one little step at a time.  This can be as simple as eating one less spoonful of cereal, taking one more flight of stairs, or adding one more leaf of lettuce to your salad.

Each step you take towards health means one step farther away from your previous unhealthy habits.  For every celery stalk you eat, you will have less room in your tummy to fill with cookies.  For every after dinner walk around the block you take, you will have less time to get hooked on yet another TV sitcom.

There are so many opportunities in a day to do something healthier than you did the day before; you just have to make the choice.  Every time you reach for your morning bowl of cereal, ask yourself, “is this the best choice for my health?”  Maybe you should read the label and measure what an actual portion size is.  Maybe you should try the cereal with just a little more fiber and a little less sugar today.  Maybe you should have a green smoothie today and not have cereal at all! 

These are all options that most likely won’t make you late for work, but they do make you step out of routine just a tiny bit.  This is where most people get caught in habits.  It isn’t that there isn’t time, it is that you have to think – it isn’t automatic.  We are all running our lives on autopilot so much now that I think routine itself is becoming a bad habit!

Shake it up a bit!  Make a commitment to adding one tiny new healthy habit every week.

Eventually these little tiny things add up to major lifestyle changes, until suddenly you are leaner, have more energy, and therefore more time to do the things you love, and become a role model for those around you.