Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do You Massage Feet Too?

I see a lot of clients who come in regularly to keep work or recreational repetitive stresses from flaring into issues.  This usually means that we work on the same areas each week, either neck and shoulder focus, or low back, or forearms and hands.  Every once in a while one of these clients will ask if I can do anything else.

The answer is yes!  One of my regular clients, whom I have been seeing for some time now, usually has a 45 minute treatment focused to upper back, neck and sometimes forearms and hamstrings.  The other day she came to see me and asked if I ever work on feet, to which I replied absolutely!

We proceeded to do an entire 45 minute session to feet and calves.  I did a little reflexology work, and some massage.  She totally loved the session, actually had the same treatment the following week!  The reflexology still helped loosen and relax her upper body, and well as areas that we never get to work on, plus she had the relaxing effects of TLC on her tootsies!

Another client who normally comes for deep tissue work asked if I could do relaxation massage one day, as she was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  We spent the entire hour doing a session that you might get in a spa setting.  I even used an oil blend perfect for relaxation.  We spent the last 20 minutes working scalp and face, and the results were fantastic.  She left feeling calm, and very relaxed.

So if you are ever feeling like a slightly different treatment is what you need, please ask!  I have many tools under my belt as a registered massage therapist, from active assisted stretching, to craniosacral therapy.  Even though I joke about giving a crummy relaxation massage, I am actually a pretty good at it!