Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tennis Ball and Eraser Self Massage

What do tennis balls and erasers have in common?  They are the cheapest self-help tools you will ever find! 

Tennis balls are amazing little trigger point destroyers.  Simply rolling out a tender spot with a tennis ball for a few minutes can bring lasting relief for many aches and pains. 

You can place one into a long sock, creating a handle to hold the ball behind your back with.  Then just lean against a wall with the ball positioned between you and the wall, and put your body weight into the ball.  Then roll it side to side, or do tiny squats up and down to massage the ball over tight shoulders, back, gluteals, or neck.

Sit on a firm chair with the ball under your leg to massage hamstrings.  Place it on an ottoman or coffee table and roll out tight calves.  Stand on it and roll around to help ease tension in your feet.

Roll one on your forearm to relax the muscles there, and even gently roll on your temples to ease away stress and headache.

Erasers are another amazing little tool that I often use myself, and recommend that clients use for self-massage.  Pink Pearl erasers with the beveled edge are the best, as they are a good texture, and the point really gets into tight spots!  I have tried using cheaper varieties, but if the rubber is too soft they fold under pressure.  Spend the big bucks and get a decent one!

Erasers work amazing to massage the muscles at the base of the skull.  Simply place the eraser along the ridge of your skull at about a 45-degree angle, then relax your head back onto it, while holding the eraser in place with your hand.  The weight of your head will help the eraser get into the muscle attachments.  You can either hold it there for a few minutes, or do little friction movements back and forth to massage the area.  Work along the base of the skull, and don’t forget to work both sides!

Erasers also work great in the forearm, bottom of the feet, and muscles in the hands.  They have a feel much like using your thumb, but don’t tire out as quickly as your thumb does!

The jaw is another great place to work with an eraser.  Just place the tip right on the muscles that you can feel contracting when you clench your teeth, and massage with gentle little movements up and down, back and forth.

Both tennis balls and erasers are very portable, so you can take them with you anywhere, and they can even go with you on an airplane, as airport security won’t seize them on you, although they might wonder why you have a ball in your purse or back pack!