Thursday, August 9, 2012

Soleus Stretch

The soleus muscle is a little known muscle in your calf area
that is often overlooked with stretch routines.  The
gastrocnemius muscle is what we usually think of when we
stretch “the calf”, but it is only half the area!

The soleus lies under the gastrocnemius and does not cross
the knee joint like the latter, so in order to stretch the
soleus, it is best to have a slight bend in the knee to
Calf Soleus Stretchrelax the gastrocnemius.

Stand facing a wall with your hands on the wall for support,
front foot flat on the floor a foot away from the wall, knee
bent slightly, toes facing forward.  Back foot is flat on
floor, a couple of feet behind the front foot, with a slight
bend in the knee, toes also facing forward.

It will look like you are trying to push the wall.  Gently
lean towards the wall by bending both knees a little more,
while keeping your heels on the floor.  You will be bending
the front knee more, and hinging forward from your back
ankle.  You should feel a gentle stretch in and/or just
above the Achilles tendon.  

Hold for a few seconds and then take the tension off by
straightening your knees slightly.  Then repeat again.

Switch sides and stretch the opposite leg.