Monday, April 7, 2014

Ladybug in the Lampshade

At work the other day, at the start of a 90 minute appointment, I heard a “tink” in the overhead lampshade.  It is one of those shades that hooks onto the lightbulb, and is like an opaque bowl.  I looked up, and saw a lady bug climbing up the inside of the lampshade.  It repeatedly climbed about half way, until the angle became too steep and then she’d fall with a “tink” at the bottom.

As I can’t reach the lampshade without a step stool, I left the ladybug be, as I couldn’t very well interrupt a 90 minute massage to go get a stool.  The lady bug persisted the entire 90 minutes.

So why does this matter, other than us having to hear a faint “tink” every few seconds?  It matters because it is a big lesson in perseverance.  That little ladybug was attempting the unattainable, and yet never gave up.  Had it given up, I would have forgotten about it, and she would most likely have perished at the bottom of the lampshade.  

But because it persisted, the ladybug was in the forefront of my mind at the end of the session, and so in between appointments I got the step stool, took down the lamp shade and let the lady bug outside.  A little dusty, and no doubt tired, but alive and well!

The ladybug would have never got out of the lampshade on its own, but because it never gave up, it got my attention, and so I helped it succeed.  

The moral of the story - call it “The Law of Attraction”, or whatever you like, but if you really want something, and focus on it, giving it energy even when it seems all is lost, you might just achieve it in the end, whether all by yourself, or with the assistance of others who take note!

Although many times with a little hard work and perseverance, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible, sometimes even your best efforts just aren’t enough.  So do you give up?  Not necessarily, as you never know who might be noticing your drive and determination, and sometimes they will step up and help you over the next hurdle.  

The unattainable suddenly becomes attainable.  Days, months, even years of hard work suddenly pay off.  Success comes to those who persevere!