Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just Breathe - Simple Health Idea #6

We all have busy lives.  Some days it feels like you don't have a second to stop and take a breath.

Those are the days when you need to do just that.  Stop for a second.  Shut off the phone, drop the tablet.  Take one minute before that next client, or that next call, or rushing out the door to pick up yet another child from their activity, and breathe.

I mean really breathe, not these little shallow puffs that we take in, but a great big, fill the belly and expand the upper chest 10 second inspiration.  Hold it.  Then let it go.  Whew.  Did you feel your shoulders relax just a little bit?

Try it again.

Close your eyes, and repeat a third time.  Open your eyes, feel that oxygen spreading through your entire body, and go get those kids!

Have a little more time, then lets take it a step further.  Find yourself a nice room where you can relax.  Pop on some great tunes (that you find relaxing).  Get into a comfy position (you can lie down or sit - whatever works for you.)

Close your eyes, and using the pinky finger of your left hand, gently plug your left nostril.  Now take a deep inhalation through your right nostril, hold, and breath out through your mouth.  Repeat this 3 times.

Now do the exact same thing, but this time plugging your right nostril.

Relax your arms, and take 3 more breaths, this time breathing in through both nostrils, and again out through your mouth.  Notice if your breaths feel fuller, deeper.  Hang out and take a minute to chill into it.

I like putting a dab of Young Living Peppermint oil just inside my nostrils before I do this.  Wowza!

Try either one of these techniques at any time of the day.  It works for more than just overwhelm. Give it a go if you are feeling tired or frustrated.  You will be surprised at how much better you feel after a couple of full breaths.  Oxygen is pretty amazing!

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